“Nothing Is All Wrong. Even The Clock That Has Stopped Running Is Right Twice A Day”

I heard this quotation first time in ‘The Anupam Kher Show’ and I felt that it completely makes sense and started living my life on that basis.

Last month on November 13, I again heard him using this statement on one of the News Channel when he was being interviewed regarding this opinion on Demonetization.

I felt charged again that from now onwards I will take my decisions by myself without considering how the people would react to my decision.

In contrast, Today, when I was going through the lessons I learned in past, I came across this picture and felt like post it on LinkedIn to share it with others.

For the same, I searched on Google for this quotation to begin with and write something about him that how motivating it always has been for me.

However, when I finally searched it on Google, I found that it was originally written by Paulo Coelho as:

“Nothing is completely wrong, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

It brought little disappointment in my heart that even a person like The Anupam Kher does not give credit to a person from whom he must have learned this thought.

May be, that is the reason that Teachers does not get that much recognition which they actually deserve because their students stop giving them the credits for what they learned from them.

P.S. My intention with this post is not to discourage anybody about anybody/anything but I just want everyone to recognize the people from whom you learn things and share right source of your learning with others so that the persons from whom you learn, also feel good and be more willing to share their wisdom with others.

Thank you for reading,


Rohit Sood


Another Interaction with The Same Unknown Girl


Another Interaction with The Same Unknown Girl

I was sitting in a Bus on the front side when the girl came and sat by my side. Looking at her, I smiled and said, “Hi”. She was the same girl, one of the twins. I asked her about the result of her sister’s exam. She gave the answer and then I continued using my mobile.

Few minutes later, she asked me if my exams are over. I was already excited about my today’s exam as it went so well. Hence, I replied, “Actually, today, exams have just started and the first exam went awesome that I attempted 98 marks paper.”

We continued the chit chat for another 5-10 minutes, then I engaged myself in my mobile activity again. While I was using my mobile, she spoke, “New Phone!!” Saying yes with a smile, I handed over the phone to her to take a look at it and said, “Yes, My brother gifted me on Thanksgiving Day” Then I showed her the video that my brother recorded while giving that surprise to me.

The conversation kept going until I realized that I was talking too much, and that too about me, so I told her that she knows that I read and write too much, but what does she do after she reach home. She said that whole day get finished until she gets home so she prefer sleeping. I completed her sentence by adding, “Okay, so on week days you prefer sleeping whereas on weekends, you love shopping.” She blushed in an agreement and shared her shopping experiences.

Later, she asked about my future plans and we communicated on various other aspects of life.

Overall, it was a great journey.

Thank you for reading,

Have a nice day.


Rohit Sood

Kindness Pays Kindness


Kindness Pays Kindness:
Today morning, when I was sitting in a bus, I suggested a newly married girl, who was sitting in front of me but was carrying a heavy bag on her lap, to keep her bag by my side.

Later in the evening, while returning back from college, this time it was a different bus, it had its all seats occupied with the people, I stood in the middle of the aisle.

After some minutes, the aisle also got crowded with people.
Few moments later, a girl advised me to keep my bag with her seat.

To my surprise, it was the same newly married girl to whom I gave a space to keep her bag.

Lesson Learned: – That Amazing Moment When You Get To Experience Kindness From The Same Person To Whom You Showed A Humanity.

Thank You For Reading,
Rohit Sood

Thank You, Yes. YOU.

rohit-sood-copyThank You, Yes. YOU.
Read further to know how.
Finally the day has come for which I was waiting for.
I don’t know from where to start thanking the ones who made my life what it is. However, there is a saying, “When you don’t know from where to start, Just Start.”
This one day is still not enough to thank all of you who made my life beautiful in one way or the other.
Thank you, my Mother and Father for whatever I have and whatever I have become.
Thank you, my nursery Teachers who set the foundation for whatever I learned in my life.
Thank you Failure, You become came the building block of my success.
Thank you all the teachers who have come across my life and taught me numerous lessons.
Thank you Sourav Kohli for you used to give me your sweet dish in 6th standard.
Thank you Ak Chawla Mam, Balwinder Sir and Bhavana Singh Chawla Didi for teaching me the values of study.
Thank you First Love for you became an inspiration to me for every now and then.
Thank you Sukh Deep Basra, Nitish Kumar, Rohan Ohri, Sahil Singh Bhatoa, Chitsimran for you guys made my journey of Convent School way too easy as otherwise it would have been very difficult.
Thank you Convent batch mates for helping me to realize the need of making myself better.
Thank you Sakshi Sharma for encouraging me in 7th standard to push my boundaries.
Thank you Nitish Kumar once again for giving me wonderful tips to help me score well in 10th Board.
Thank you Balwinder Singh Chawla Sir once again for giving me courage to choose Mathematics as my subject in 11th.
Thank you Kiran Mam, Had you not recommended my name for the prefectorial elections, I would not have come out of my comfort zone and became the Vice Captain of school.
Thank you Chetan Ahuja for always staying by my side in the journey of KNPS.
Thank you Bharti and Gurpreet Kaur for you have always been my best friend and making my KNPS journey memorable.
Thank you Megha Didi, Natasha Didi and Ruchi Didi for teaching me with so much enthusiasm and love like a family member.
Thank you Abhishek Romley for always been there throughout my journey of KNPS.
Thank you Manjinder Mam, Annu Mam for teaching me to your full capacity.
Thank you Dimple Gupta for always being so much special friend to me in every manner and for teaching me the true meaning of friendship.
Thank You Big Brother Mohit Sood for always been there with me in every step I took in life and for always understanding all my needs & requirements and fulfilling them to your utmost abilities.
Thank You LPU in every way to make me what I am today.
Thank you Gautam Singh for always being the best friend not just in LPU but always since we became friends.
Thank you all graduation Batch mates for providing me diversified experiences.
Well Thank You LPU NSS and all volunteers of the family.
Thank you Ashok Sir for always solving many issues with a smile and especially for allowing me to be a part of NSS Winter Camp 2016.
Thank you Gurjot Sir, Gagan Sir, Suruchi Mam, Abhay Sir, Rupinder Mam, Lalit Sir, Sukhpreet Mam, and all 36+ teachers who gave so much of immense lessons that conspired me to become a real Verto.
Thank you Concentrix and all my colleagues especially.
Thank you Vinay Swami, Ankit Arora, Mo Ni KA Aftab and Sushmita Jaiswal for always being my friend when I was in delhi.
Thank you MBA batch mates.
Thank you Gursimar, Shubhraj Sadyora and Shubham Kumar Agrahari for always giving me respect to your full extent.
Thank you Sagar Sahu for helping me to take steps towards my dreams as if they were yours.
Thank you Chandraa Kant Saahu.
Thank you Harkamal for encouraging me to pursue my dreams along with an action plan.
Thank you Tanya Nagpal Mam, Minakshi Mam, Likhit sir Guneetpaul sir for making my first semester full of wisdom.
Thank you Guneetpaul Sir once again for your Thanksgiving Gift “Parker Pen”
Thank You Mohit Bro once again for your Thanksgiving Gift “Samsung Galaxy J7”
Thank you Keshav for always being a well wisher and silent carer in one way or the other.
Thank you Lettrs and all its staff & other Lettrists for always encouraging me to write more and more.
Thank you Kőmäľ, Jyoti Bisla, Ahmad Sina Sabawoon, Mukul Aggarawal for always keeping a smile on my face with one way or the other.
Thank you all my Facebook Friends.
Thank you LinkedIn Friends.
Thank you all the readers who read my posts and articles but about whom I am unaware about.
Even after all the above, I have missed anybody to tag or mention, I hereby Thank YOU whosoever is reading this post for not only reading it but for that one special thing that you might have taught me.
Feel free to share your feelings for anyone in your life to whom you want to Thank.
Happy Thanks Giving Day Everyone.
Thank you for reading,
Rohit Sood.

A Day Spent With Your Crush (November 22, 2016)


A Day Spent With Your Crush

Things I Learned Today:

–          That Awesome Moment When You Take A Wise Decision On Real Time Basis.

–          Sometimes, It’s Hard To Make People Like The People Whom You Like.

–          That Amazing Moment When You Realize You Spent The Whole Day With Your Crush.

–          That Awesome Moment When You Create New Memory On The Day Which Carried Only Few Memories Lived Many Years Ago.

–          It’s Better To Be Frank Than To Keep Thinking What You Should Have Spoken.

–          Everything Cannot Be Expressed In Words But With Eyes Or Emotions.

A Day Spent Smiling (November 21, 2016)

1871310A Day Spent Smiling

Things I Learned Today:

–          Whatever you say, believe in it. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)

–          One who wants to find a solution will never come up with an excuse but a solution. (Lesson Credits: Faizal Sir)

–          Immaturity brings more happiness at times. (Accounts Lecture.)

–          That Awesome moment when you carry a smile on your face and people smile back more.

–          Staying quiet gives more peace than speaking a lot. (Lesson Credits: Shubham Agrahari)

–          Leaving lectures may also bring enormous experiences and learnings.

–          It is easy to say No for some things, you just need to try saying it.

–          That one moment when your over-confidence slaps you hard. (Accounts 19.5 Marks)

Things I learned from Gautam Singh:

–          Work on one goal at a time.

–          You should not share your sorrows with others.

–          You must have an end purpose in your mind.