– Its better to analyze the situation and then act on it instead of reacting.
  – Its easy to ignore what people think about you as it doesn’t matter. However it becomes difficult to fight against yourself when you support their opinion. (Thanks to Me)
  – Its really hard to digest how people put people into trouble to get themselves out of it.
  – There is a saying that “To grab something, you have to let something go out of your hands.” However, it becomes difficult for people to cope up with the situation, when from both the hands, it seems like “Lose-Lose” circumstance. (Anonymous)
  – “Ask and get answer” is better than making assumptions that ain’t true at first place.
  – Its easy to improve your scores by working hard and  by being focused but its hard when it is determined by the performance of others.
  – Those were the times when everything was under our control and we never felt it was. Now, everything seems under our control but things are different here.


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