Things I Learned On November 27, 2015:-
–  Some things must be done just because they have to be done.
–  Its not only you but also the people who have something to share, you just have to make them say it. 🙂
–  Sometimes, its quite easy to determine your own worth at any point of time in life.
–  You must always learn to be a backup plan for any mis-happenings that may occur.
–  A famous person said it very right that,”Do what is right, no matter what people would think.”
–  Best Friends always bring the clear vision to various aspects of your life which nobody else does not even you yourself. (Thanks To Paglee.)
–  That awkward moment when you are put up into the lying process.
–  Everything has a limit. Anger is what takes place when limits are crossed.
–  That awesome moment when you realize what is wrong with you and what the solution is.


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