Things I Learned On November 29, 2015:-
–  Nobody recognizes your efforts but what they receive from it and moreover they definitely mention the flaws in your work. However, you should not stick to it rather you must move on to your next milestone but provided you must feel satisfied from your work.
–  A Thing done differently once, brings thousands of new results for many times. (A Story Speaks Itself)
–  When people try to copy you and they get different results as compared to what you do, they are likely to feel disappointed about it.
–  You will always find some people in your life who don’t talk but gossip with you, just keep listening to them, you get to know a lot. 😀 (P.S. But Remember!! You should not speak anything in front of them, otherwise you will be their next gossip. 😀 )
–  You always move one step forward towards Perfection each time you revise your finished task.


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