Things I Learned On December 04, 2015:-
– When you get something more than you expected, you never feel like getting settled below that.
– Some things happen only when they are supposed to. Your excitement or panic will not make them happen after or before the prescribed time.
– You must never pretend something that you are not. Because when you do that, people are likely to believe what you pretended, they will not know about actual you.
– First Things First. (P.S. In this year, this is the third time I learned the same thing from different persons at different situations. I believe I must dig deep into its meaning.) (Thanks to Diksha, Pratima, Anamika)
– Learning is more important to be considered as compared to, letting people know about it from whom you learned it.
– Sometimes, Having too much confidence may lead to wrong results also. (Thanks to Claire)


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