Things I Learned On December 06, 2015:-
– You should never expect Thank you in return. Some people show gratitude, others don’t. You helped them by going beyond your limits just because it gave you inner satisfaction. Therefore, expecting thank you from others doesn’t make a difference. However, you should always reward yourself when you go an extra mile than you are asked for. (Thanks to an Article by Sonal Kalra.)
– Things that I have started in 2015, some people have already done them years ago. I realized how vast the world is, as I am just 1 person in billions. In life, There are others also with whom our thoughts may match with.
– If someone says, he/she will call you back in 10 minutes, they never do it, infact they will not even call you for days.. 😀
– You can love something/someone but you cannot make it to choose you. (Movie:- Angrej)
– Distractions are always there, but you just need to keep an eye on your goal only. (Movie:- Calender Girls)
– Life always gives you a second chance, you just have to open the door when it knocks. (Calender Girls)
– A small incident can also give you an ample happiness.

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