Things I Learned On December 19, 2015:-
– Own the situation, never let anybody feel that you are not capable enough to handle it.
– People cannot take you for granted until you let them do it.
– It feels good to see a girl protecting herself with her own strength. (Conference)
– One Problem, Many Solutions.
– Omens are everywhere, we ignore most of them deliberately.
– Don’t know how many times I re-learn this,”Everything is so much connected.”
– It never rains but pours. (Movie:- Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon.)
– Our paths may change because of others but our destination must always remain consistent in our mind. (Thanks to Savneet)
– Its always easy to judge between wrong and right when you look from far. But when you see it from closer, you don’t even realize that you are on wrong side. (Thanks to Savneet)
– When it comes to money, everyone panic.
– Loneliness diverts you from your own decisions.
– Its hard to recommend a solution to someone for something when you know that you were not able to apply it on yourself.
– Some wounds can be healed by Time only.


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