Things I Learned On December 26, 2015:-
– Do you admonish others to do good and forget this yourselves? (The Quran)
– Everything is so connected that the people don’t even come to know about it when their act of a year back results in a mis-happening at present. (Ajay vs. Ankur)
– There are times when its more significant to let others prove you culprit than dieing to prove yourself innocent (He did right, still got trapped) (Mahesh vs Doctor)
– Everything that appears is not what it is in actual. (TSDAjay)
– You hide truth from people, they frown. You tell them truth, they either start cold war or get angry with you.
– That awkward moment when people beg from you by keeping a sword on your neck. (Rs. 30 vs Rs. 18)

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