Things I Learned On January 05, 2016 (Winter Camp – Day 1):-
– There is a solution for every problem but awareness is the culprit. People are not aware about the solutions. (Ashwani Rai)
– Sometimes, people look for a magic stick that will solve all their problems. (Survey Experience)
– Always Focus On Relevant Information Only. (Ashwani Rai)
– Things that you fear doing because of others, are already being done by some people.
– That moment when you see the love of your life in the eyes of a stranger.
– That awkward moment when people do not walk the talk, rather make someone else do the thing that they were supposed to do. (Plants)
– You must learn to defend your opinion. (Ashwani Rai) (Survey Complaints)
– A mishappening can happen at anytime, just always be ready to handle such a situation. (Belt Broken)
– Resources may be limited but a bit of compromise and adjustment can help to use them in a best manner.
– Look For Problems, you will find plenty of them. However, Look for solutions, chances are, that you will end up solving many problems.


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