Things I Learned On January 19, 2016:-
– Shortcuts are good but they are not always recommendable. (Metro Station Shortcut)
– “You know one thing, someone else know the other thing. But when you share them with each other, you both learn both the things. Share what you learn.”, Rohit Sood
– When you laugh at yourself in front of others. Learn to see them laughing at you. (Rajat Narang)
– When You don’t want to do something. The entire universe do not let it happen.
– In Life, All of a sudden a point comes where you are concerned about your future/career. (Vinay Swami and Rajat Narang)
– If people doesn’t know about your abilities, they won’t believe in your words until they see your work. (Rajat Narang)
– When people do not take right decisions at right time. They just enter the vicious circle of procrastinating their decisions. (Aftab Alam)
-Impatience Gives Rise To The Mind Of A Devil.


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