Things I Learned On January 20, 2016:-
– When You Have Plenty Of Time, You Waste It Like Anything. However, When Its In Scarcity, You Wisely Use Even One Second.
– “Real Peace Is In Giving Love To Others Without Expecting Anything In Return.”, Ankita Khanna. (Reference: Pingalwara Visit)
– That one moment when you realize that you are being taken for granted.
– That awkward moment when you see someone not saying No for something they don’t want to say yes for.
– That awesome moment when one way is closed and you explore another, by yourself. (Laptop Vs. Mobile)
– If you doesn’t receive a praise from people you were expecting from, it doesn’t mean that others will not appreciate your work.
– Its never too late to appreciate a good work. (Merideth Perches)


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