Things I Learned Today:-
– Sometimes, the wake up call is actually a call.
– More than  90% of the things that we worry never actually happen.
– When it comes to money, you not only think before taking a decision but also after the same.
– Some problems take time to get resolved.

The day started normally however, I had to shift some of my stuff to new Apartment, then I went to office. At Work, I came across many customers, one of them was so irritating that I almost became almost angry on him because sometimes, it is quite difficult to answer the same question again and again in a different way.
Finally office shift was over but the challenge was to decide which room we must take. I panicked alot that I almost decided to stay at my old apartment. However,  with the support of my friends Rajat Narang and Ankit Arora, I was able to stay on words and agreed ro stay with them.
Finally I made payment to the new landlord but still I was so worried about everything that was going on. Then I decided to share this with someone and while sharing with Dimple, I actually decided to call to the concerned persons and they cleared all my doubts and helped me to look the positive sides of the situation.

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood


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