Things I Learned On February 09, 2016:-
– Do not do things that makes people happy. Do what appears to be right at that time.
– There are no pre-written judgements for anything or anyone. (Samiksha)
– An act of kindness can easily bring smile on anyone’s face.
– Have fun and forget the rest.
– You may doubt the opportunity but you cannot know what it holds until you grab it. (Lesson Credits:- Tarkeshwar)
– People panic easily, in various situations. Therefore,  It feels good when I don’t.

Day started with a challenge as water was less than usual days but I managed to use it wisely. I went to office and I found a place to work on. But computer was getting hanged again and again due to which I had to change my location. At new place, I met a stranger named Samiksha, she taught me a lesson that we must not make perceptions for others just based on what we have heard about them. It was a good food for thought.
Then after finishing my shift.
We came to room and danced.
While dancing, I realized the importance of the dance classes that I took in my college because I felt as if I learned something from there.

Then I had dinner and watched 17 Again once again.

After that I got a call from a friend Tarkeshwar, it was really nice talking to him. He sounded quite professional but it was appropriate as per our conversation.  For a while, I even felt as if I am sitting in a job interview but still it was an amazing experience of talking to him.
I don’t know what opportunity he holds but I learned from him that we cannot know about the opportunities until we grab them and mould ourselves accordingly.

I am not aware what future holds but I am sure I am ready to face any situation that is a part of my future.

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood


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