Things I Learned On March 15, 2016:-
– That one moment when you give rise to your competitors by giving them winning tips.
– That awkward moment when people ask you to act like a person that you are not. (Asked For Rent)
– Your kindness gives rise to another kindhearted person. (P.S. one seat in a metro got empty and I smiled at a person and said you sit please. He smiled back and said no, you sit.)
– No matter how much you resist, God sends you to a place where you are needed most.
– The more you procrastinate,  the more opportunities you lose. (Washing shoes)
– That awesome moment when your work becomes so beautiful that you want ti talk about it everywhere. (Teachers of Heritage School Gurgaon)
– That awkward moment when you see someone treating someone else with less respect based on the work they do. (P.S. A person asked me to shift my bike to another place, with due respect.  I told him, Rickshaw is lying there. He said to Rickshaw puller,”Oye side pe kar”, inshort he treated him with less dignity. I felt very bad. He was a middle aged person so I could not say something to him but it was wrong on his part to treat a Rickshaw puller like that.)


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