Things I Learned On April 16, 2016:-
– That Awkward Moment When You Say Something That You Shouldn’t. (P.S. I started Wifi at PG by using some strategy. To this, a girl said, “Indians do Jugaad”. “Are you not Indian?”, I replied with a surprise. An Awkward situation took place as she gave me an angry bird look.)
– We Must Be Aware About A Thing Before We Take A Decision To Do It. ( Anonymous Awareness)
– That Awesome Moment When You Are Able To suggest The Right Thing To Someone. (HDD Suggestion.)
– People Must Be Sure Enough About Whom They Are Talking, Before Saying Something To Someone Perceiving Him/Her As Someone Else. ( Rohit Sood vs Rohit Yadav)
– That Hilarious Moment When You Can’t Stop Smiling, By Looking At A Girl. (Wrong Judgement)
– Sometimes, We Worry Just Because Of Lack Of Faith In Others. (Keys)
– When Someone Else’s Boss Doesn’t Help You In Need, He/She Doesn’t Have A Right To Say Anything To You When You Do Something Against Their Will.
– When You Do Work At Office By Your Will, Its Fine. However, If You Are Asked To Do Something When You Don’t Want To, It Appears As Slavery.

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