Things I Learned On May 16, 2016:-
– The More You Read, The More You Explore The Unexplored.
– That One Moment When You Are So Selective About An Opportunity That You Let Go Some Of Them. ( Water Arrangements)
– Persistence Is An Amazing Virtue. (Lesson Credits: Story Of A Girl – 50 Cent.)
– That Awesome Moment When You Create An Opportunity By Yourself. (Water From Another Building)
– That Amazing Moment When Your FAITH Brings The Results That You Seek. (Electricity)

A day started with a normal routine but I was having off from office. However, there was an electricity cut in our apartment building because of some repairing stuff so I was reading a book,”THINK AND GROW RICH”, by Napoleon Hill. Later I took a nap for almost an hour after which my room mates came. Finally, the electricity came late in the evening when we decided to take a rest until one of my room mates said that we must listen to music for a while and we turned on the lights and music. Later I went for jogging with him, it was a good experience to recall my childhood memories of my school.

When we came back to room, slightly after an hour, again the electricity cut took place, and a strange thing happened. I looked at my mobile screen the time was 10:54 p.m., so I said to my room mates that the electricity will come back within 6 minutes. After 1 minute, my friend said,”I don’t know when the light will come back.”
I repied, “I am telling you that the light will be back within 5 minutes.
He asked me what kind of logic I was using.
I told him,”it is simple because just 1 minute ago I said that the electricity will come after 6 minutes, now I am saying that it will be back within 5 minutes. So he wanted to be assured due to which he said that if the light doesn’t come in 5 minutes, I should stay in the hot room only and they would go upstairs to sleep. I was having FAITH in what I was saying so I replied, “Okay”. The next second, the electricity was back. I ROCKED and my room mates were SHOCKED…..LOLZz .


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