Things I Learned On May 20, 2016:-
– Solutions Are Around, You Just Gotta Grab Them. (Water From Another Tank.)
– Awesomeness Is A Crazy Virtue. Lolz.
– Awareness Is Not Always Intentional. Sometimes, People Provide It To You Even Without Asking.
– The More You Communicate With People ,The More You Will Know Them.
– That Awesome Moment When You Realize That Nobody Can Be Crazier Than You, In Some aspects. (Anonymous Ankit)
– At Office, Two Bosses May Enter Into An Argument At Times, But They Must Avoid It In Front Of Their Teams. (Lesson Credits: Saif Ulla Shariff)

Day was fine but it went well not because it was like another day but because it kept me smiling.. 🙂


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