Things I Learned On May 27, 2016:-
– Its Funny How People Want To Know What You Hide, Even If It Has Nothing To Do With Them. (Planning)
– No Matter How Much People Avoid, Ignore Or Hate You, If You Let Them Realize That It Doesn’t Make A Difference In How You Treat Them, They Will Easily Come Back To Normal. (Special Friendship Day)
– Learn A Single Quality/Thing From Each Person, A Point Will Come When You Will Look Back And See How Much You Have Learned From People Around You. (Lesson Credits: Ankit Arora)
– In The Process Of Pleasing People, You Limit Yourself To What They Want You To Do And You Avoid What You Actually Want. (Lesson Credits: Dirty Grandpa)
– If You Are Asked To Friends With Positive People, You Cannot Afford To Be A Negative One So That The More Positive People Don’t Avoid You.


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