Things I Learned On June 27, 2016:-
– No Matter How Much You Try To Resist The Mishappenings, They Will Still Take Place. Hence, It’s Better To Pay Attention To Learn How To Deal With Them. (Lesson Credits: Wet Shoes In Rain At Bus Stop)
– That Awesome Moment When People Say,”It Is Not Possible” And You Don’t Reply To Them Rather Do It To Shut Their Mouth. (Lesson Credits: Bag In A Bus.)
– That Amazing Moment When You Clear All The Misunderstandings With Someone.
– Sometimes, Its Hard To Tolerate People Who Interfere With Other People’s Lives.
– You Must Not Always Look At The Small Picture Of Anything Considering Its Negative Points Only. You Must Rather Look For The Good Sides Of Everything. (Lesson Credits:- Abhinav Sood)
– Generally, we say that it never what people think of us but still most of the things that we do, are the result of “what people would say”. (Sweets)


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