Things I Learned On July 03, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face. (Lettrs)
– If Your Yesterday Went Amazing,  Never Try To Re-Do Everything That You Did On Yesterday, Because The Real Happiness Doesn’t Reside In Past, It Is Something That You Create Each Day. (Cafeteria Vs. Pantry)
– That Awkward Moment When You Cannot Explain Something That You Know Very Well.
– That Hilarious Moment When People Prefer To Live In Their Myth And To Argue, Rather Than Accepting Their Mistake.
– A Smile Always Makes Your Day Wonderful.
– The Things That You Don’t Know About, Still Exist.

P.S. Today I did a chat with a person named Sagar Sahu, he is also one of the CFA candidates, he removed most of my myths that I had so far. I am glad that I got chance to converse with that person. I am very thankful to him that he shared such details with me which I was never aware of.


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