Things I Learned On July 09, 2016:-
– Action Speaks Louder Than Words. (A Gesture For No Rooms Available.) (P.S. He Just Gave Gestures With His Hands.)
– That One Moment When You Have To Go Back To A Place From Where You Left, Stating It As Bad. (Accommodation)
– Lack Of Planning May Result In The Wastage Of Time, But It Definitely, Creates Best Memories In Our Day.
– The Way We React to Situations, Define The Happy Moments That We Experience.
– That One Moment When You Meet With People Who Are Business Minded. (A Man At Har Ki Porhi.) (Ola Uber Car.)
– We Try To Please God With Money, However,  That Money Ultimately Is Used By Other People. (Extraction Of Coins)
– The Moment You Realise That You Have Taken A Wrong Decision, Do Not Waste Time, In Thinking Whether It Is Too Late To Change The Decision Or Not. Rather Just Take The Right Decision After That.
– That One Moment When You Guide A Child About The Side Effects Of A Mobile. (Arsh)
-,That One Moment When You Try To Take Help, But You Are Accused For Your Ignorance. (P.S. Someone Complained About The Stolen Bags At Lachiwala, Dehradun.)
– Enjoyment Comes Only When You Have The Perspective For The Same. (Lachiwala Visit)
– Though We Miss Some Things At Times, But Better Options Definitely Come For Us.
– That Awkward Moment When You Think More Than You Should Act. (Accommodation 10:30 p.m. Gate About To Close.)
– That One Moment When You Feel Negative Just Because Of External Moment. But It’s Not The External But Your Inner Self Who Creates Negativity In Your Mind. (Run For 10:30p.m. Accommodation.)
– That Awkward Moment When Having Conversation With Loved Ones Depend Upon The Availability Of Other People Around Them.


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