Things I Learned On July 10, 2016:-
– That One Moment When You Come To Know How Much The Money Has Entered Into All Aspects Of Life. (Aapki Shardha)
– That Awesome Moment When You Come To Know That You Were The Part Of Blame-Game And You Decide To Let This Game Be Over. (Late For Chakrata, Sashastradhara.)
– Have Patience For Things From Which You Have Problem, Don’t Complain About Them. Someone Else Will Automatically Do It. (Late For Location.)
– The Only Way To Solve A Problem, Is To Change Your Attitude Towards It. (Sashastradhara)
– A Thing Of Trouble For You, Is A Thing Of Joy For Someone Else. Surely,  It Explains Alot. (Water)
– Tension Is The Input You Give To Your Subconscious Mind. If You Don’t Put In It, You Will Be Joyous All The Time.
– A Little Risk Is Always Required To Go To A Better Situation. (General To Sleeper.)
– You Have To Let Go Your Current Situation To Enter Into A Better One. (General To Sleeper)
– There Are Ample Ways To Earn A Source Of Living, You Don’t Know Many But People Are Applying Them. (Seat Number 54)
– That Awkward Moment When You Come To Know Real Color Of A Thing Or A Person. (Teathering Password Changed.)
– Adjustment Is All It Takes To Build Relations.
– Its The Only Age To Become Whatever You Want To Be. Just Do It. (Pulkit In A Train.)
– Think About Others, And Be Ready To Sink. As They Don’t Care Anyway.
– Friendship Gets Effected Due To Number Of Causes, All Varies From People To People.
– One Action Is Better Than Thousand Intentions. (Caleb Maddix)


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