Things I Learned On July 17, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Get To Certain Place At The Right Time Just Because You Wasted A Little Time Somewhere Else. (Help Panditji Call)
– There Is A Certain Portion Of Your Income That You Must Share With The Needy. (Lesson Credits: Pandit Ji)
– That Awesome Moment When Someone Does The Exact Same Thing That You Doubted Doing. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu)
– Taking A Right Decision Is More Important Than Asking Others For Approval To Take It. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu) (P.S. Payment For Books)
– Never Tolerate Injustice. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)
– Raise A Voice Against The Wrong, No Matter How You Do It. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)
– That One Moment When You Make Someone Eat, Who Was About To Give Up Food Out Of Laziness. (B3 to B1)
– The Lesser We Know About People, The Wrong Will Be Our Judgements. (Lesson Credits: Movie: The Last Witch Hunter)


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