Things I Learned On July 22, 2016:-
– That Hilarious Moment When People Have Problem In Some Of Your Actions But Still Do Those Things By Themselves.
– That Awesome Moment When You Ask For People’s Advice And You Get Two Different Answers For Same Question. (Dream Vs. Victory.) (Translation.)
– Sometimes, You Can Only Help People Until It Doesn’t Cause Any Problem To You. (Car, 3 Vs. 6)
– The Moment You Enter To A Different Environment, You Come Across Different People And You Must Learn To Adjust With Them.
– That Awkward Moment When People Ask You To Do Something And Give Incomplete Information But Later, Accuse You For Not Doing A Thing That They Wanted You To Do Yet Didn’t Tell You To Do. ( Utensils From Khushi.)
– Some Situations Hurt Our Ego, But Keep Control On The Situation. (Western Mall)
– Gurjot Gave A Very Wonderful Lesson Four Years Ago Which Clearly Was Experienced Today. It Said,”Besti Kabhi Lo Hi Mat. Mehsoos Mat Karo. )
– That Amazing Moment When You Enjoy Alot And Dance Like Anything, All People May Only Wonder If I Am Mad. (Dance)
– People’s Ego Is What Brings Fight Among Many People.
– That Awesome Moment When You Get A Wonderful Praise. (Neetu Chachi Ji)
– Meditation Introduces You To All Such Powers Which You Always Craved For, But Never Knew That You Already Had Them Within You. (Lesson Credits: Ramwsh Uncle)
– Patience Is The Key To Success. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)


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