Things I Learned On August 01, 2016:-
– You Must do first things first, to save your precious time.
– Sometimes,  You Are Afraid Just Because Your Mind Tells You To Be, Otherwise Nothing Is That Scary.
– People Will Try To Stop You, But Always Do What Your Heart Says. (Stay In Office)
– Your One Part Of Mind Always Try To Resist Change, But The Other Must Convince It That Change Is For Better.
– A Company Does Have A Perpetual Succession, And You Realize It When You Part Your Ways From It.
– You Must Have Patience In Your Life. (P.S. Jhooke Huye Perh Ko Hi Phall Lagte Hai.) (Lesson Credits: Umesh Mehan)
– That Awesome Moment When You Make Your Boss Blush Like Anything.
– You Never Know How Much People Already Know About You, Until You Talk To Them. (Pratima)


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