Things I Learned On August 03, 2016:-
– That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Say No And Everything Is Perfectly Fine. (Collect Rs. 2500 From Metro Station)
– That Awkward Moment When You Hear A Brother, Referring His Sister As A Friend In Front Of A Stranger.(P.S. She is a friend)
– That Awesome Moment When Your Work Is Recognized.
– You Must Never Beg For Someone’s Actions.
– That Amazing Moment When Your Smile Makes All The Difference. (Lesson Credits: Kamaljeet Singh)
– Never Look For The Salary When Looking For Job. Think About Growth Opportunities In The Company. (Lesson Credits: Kamaljeet Singh Bus Mate)
– Always Keep Personal Life Separate From Your Professional Life. (Kamaljeet Singh Bus Mate)
– You Must Learn To Apply The Lessons You Learn So That They Don’t Ever Get Forgotten By You. (Lesson Credits: Sunena)


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