Things I Learned On August 05, 2016:-
– You Must Focus On Your Existing Resources Than Lost Resources. (Carl Story) (Lesson Credits: Sandeep Maheshwari)
– There Is No Syllabus In Professional Life. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– Learn More Than Your Text Books. (Rishi Chutani)
– Professionalism Is Doing Unsupervised Works In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– Learn One New Thing Everyday. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani.)
– When You Are In front Of A Good Speaker, You Don’t Need To Ask A Question From Him. You Just Need To Make Him Speak To Learn More. (Similar Questions From Audiences. For Eg: 1+1 3)
– When A Speaker Asks A Question, He Doesn’t Need Your Answer. It Is Simply His Necessity To Ask A Question. That’s Why He Is A Speaker.
– Lessons Forget, But Stories Are Easy To Remember.
– Never Live With Your Problems. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi Sir)
– Complain To Only Those Who Can Solve The Problem. (Sanjay Modi Sir)
– Wherever You Go, Go As A Leader. Whatever You Do, Do With Integrity. Never Give Up. Whenever You Serve, Serve With Caring. Dream. (Lesson Credits: Rishi Chutani)
– A Single Seminar Can Also Change Your Whole Life. (Sir Hampri And William Godsworth Story) (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– It Is Not The Talent That Makes The Difference, But Your Attitude On How You Handle Your Talent.
– When You Want To Learn, You Can Learn From Even An Animal. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Types Of Fishes Related To Humans; 1. Barakuda – Knocks Everyone Down. 2. Flounder – 50% Vision. 3. Eil – Eat Only Left Overs. 4. Jelly Fish – Kills Its Own Strengths. 5. Crabs. 6. Selemon – Lives always In A Fresh And Positive Environment. (P.S Choice Is Yours. Which Kind Of These Persons You Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor.)
– There Is Always A Better Way To Do Whatever You Do. (Lesson Credits: Elon Musk)
– Sometimes, Indiscipline Is Also Important In Life. (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Story Of The Most Powerful Thing In The World. (Mountain<Steel<Fire<Water<Wind<Mind<Sleep<Urge). (Lesson Credits: Sophie Zahoor)
– Patience Is One Of The Vital Ingredients In The Recipe Of Success. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Kanwar)
History Cannot Repeat Itself. Today Or Tomorrow, Cannot Be Similar To Yesterday.
5 August 2012, was my first day at LPU when I attended the Freshmen’s Induction 2012 and I was expecting a same environment today also.
To my surprise, Whatever I Learned Today, I never learned those lessons in my past. I got chance to listen to various wonderful people , some of whom I never heard before. All the persons were different in their way of speeches and few of their thoughts gave me new perspective to think.
I heard speeches from Rishi Chutani, Sophie Zahoor, HR Singla Sir, Sanjay Modi Sir, etc.
Undoubtedly, Learned a lot on this day.
I am Glad to be a part of LPU once again.

Thank You For Reading.

Rohit Sood


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