Things I Learned On August 16, 2016:-
– There Is Always A Right Time For Certain Situations.
– Always Keep A Smile on Your Face.
– When You have Knowledge,  You Can Feel The Confidence As Well.
– The Best Way To Win An Argument, Is To Avoid It. (Ledger After Balance Sheet.)
– If You Want To Speak More, Read More.
– It Is Vital To Learn To Control Your Emotions. -The More You Do, The More You Can Tell To People.
– It Is Better To Listen, To Learn More, Than To Simply Tell What You Already Know.
– You Say Wrong Things Only Because You Feel That As Right Even If They Are Not Correct. (Lesson Credits: Charlie Jacob)
– Learn More Than Others, If You Want To Excel In Life.
– Always Speak For Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Charlie Jacob Sir.)


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