Things I Learned On August 19, 2016:-
– Never Let Anyone To Come In Between In You And Your Goal. (Lesson Credits:- Bus Conductor)
– You Just Need To Read More, To Learn New Things. (Newspaper Activity)
– That Awesome Moment When You Know The Things That Others Don’t. (Particular Point)
– The Moment Someone’s Ego Get Hurt, They Start Behaving In A Different Manner. (Mamsi’s Mobile Was Snatched)
– It Feels Good When Someone Believes In Your Capabilities. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam)
– It Is Very Easy To Waste Time But To Use It Productively Is Not A Piece Of Cake. (Breaks)
– Gain Knowledge, To Raise The Level Of Confidence In You. (Topic: Clinton & Trump)
– That Awesome Moment When You Give An Interview, With A Great Level Of Self Confidence.
– It Is Quite Hard To Influence People To Your Way Of Thinking, But There Are Always Tricks To Learn For The Same.
– Sometimes, Being Talkative Works In Your Favour, When You Use The Right Words While Speaking.
– You Cannot Blame The Method, When The Problem Is In Its Implementation By You. (Lesson Credits: Raveena Rajawat.)


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