Read An Unwanted Post, To Learn The Important Lessons Of Life:

August 20, 2016
Read An Unwanted Post, To Learn The Important Lessons Of Life:
The Day was not so different like others, yet amazing things happened in a very pleasantly simple manner.
First and Foremost, we had the guest lecture from Suresh Kashyap Sir in which the inputs we received, were actually the eye openers for us.
He made us aware about the Personal Branding and its significance in our life. I always liked the way he addresses the audience but today, things were bit different as he was telling something new this time, or may be the way he was presenting the information, was so effective that we couldn’t resist to listen to him attentively.

In his session, he helped us to bridge the gap between the Industry’s expectations from us and our’s from the company. This Session Also Reminded Me Of The Lessons That I Learned From Manu Sondhi Sir On The Topic Of Personal Branding. For Instance, “We Are The CEOs Of The Company “Me Inc.” “
Things I Learned From Suresh Kashyap Sir Today Are As Follows:
– We Try To Be Different From Others, But We End Up Becoming Like Them Because We Only Keep On Looking At Them, Instead Of Focusing On Our Own Improvement.
– The Moment You Choose To Be A Brand, You Start Seeing Your Life Differently And Start Dealing With People In More Efficient Manner.
– When You Are In Crowd, You Feel That You Are Different From Others. However, When Others See You In A Group, You Hardly Make A Difference To Them. Hence, Do Something Different To Stand Out Of The Audience And Live In A Pleasant Manner.

Thank You For Reading,

Keep Learning 🙂
Keep Sharing 🙂
Rohit Sood

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