Things I Learned On August 20, 2016:-

– We Try To Be Different From Others, But We End Up Becoming Like Them Because We Only Keep On Looking At Them, Instead Of Focusing On Our Own Improvement.

– The Moment You Choose To Be A Brand, You Start Seeing Your Life Differently And Start Dealing With People In More Efficient Manner.

– When You Are In Crowd, You Feel That You Are Different From Others. However, When Others See You In A Group, You Hardly Make A Difference To Them. Hence, Do Something Different To Stand Out Of The Audience And Live In A Pleasant Manner.

– A Small Gesture For Appreciation Can Change Your Entire Life. (A Praise For August 19, 2016)

– Never Change Your Behavior, Based On Other’s Reactions To You. Ultimately, The Reward Will Come To You. (501L Reactions.)

– It Is Very Easy To Give Up, But Amazingly Fruitful To Wait And Do The Things That You Want To Do. (Entrepreneurship Course Interview.)

– Be Confident, You Will Win Half The Battle. (Interview Experience.)

– Keep Smiling, You Have No Idea How Many Hearts It Wins. (One Smile, Many Friends.)

– Being Honest, Is One Of The Best Qualities You Can Possess In Yourself. (Sharing Your Past)

Thanks To Mr. Amit Pandey Ji For The Following Lessons:

– “A Stranger Is A Friend Whom We Have Not Met Yet.”

– “Smile As Much As You Can, Because It Does Not Cost Anything.”

– Khushi Ke Din 4, Dukh Ke 4000. (P.S. A Child That tops The University Vs. The Child That Fails.)

– “Don’t Let Negative Thoughts To Enter Your Mind.”

– “Its Not The Problem, But The Time You Hold It, Is.” (Example: 500ml Water Bottle.)

– Triple 8 Theory. (Primary Job, Secondary Job, Sleep, For 8 Hours Each.)

– Remember Two Dates In Life; 1. The Day You Were Born, 2. When You Understand Why You Were Born.

– “Sachai Pareshan Ho Sakti Hai, Par Prajit Nahi.”

– Dream Big, Start Small, Get Direction And Finally, Run Fast.

– 50% Think. 20% Do. 10% Continue. 20 % Sustain.

– Requirement; Soft Skills: 95% And Hard Skills: 5 %. Money Spent; Soft Skills: 5% And Hard Skills: 95%.

– Lottery Story Of A Person Who Never Purchased Lottery.

– Saturday Night Vs. Monday Morning Concept.

– Passion: Thing You Love And You Do It. Stress: Things You Don’t Like But Still Do.

– Failure Is The First Step Towards Success, And We Just Took Our First Step.


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