Things I Learned On August 29, 2016:-
          Never Do Things Which May Lead People To Take You For Granted. (Videos Are Ready)
          Ignite A Fire In You To Be Something And Make A Difference. (Suresh Kashyap.)
          You Have To Do A Sacrifice To Go Upwards On A Ladder Of Success. (Ravish Verma)
          People May Be More Talented Than You But Never Feel Disappointed. Just Work Harder To Beat The Talent And Excel In Life. (Mr. Likhit Sir.)
          That Hilarious Moment When People Take Your Sarcasm Seriously. (Patiala Vs. Australia)
          A Sense Of Patriotism Can Also Give Rise To The Existence Of A Company. (Story About Tata Shared By Varinder Sir.)
          Hard Work Must Be Done In A Consistent Manner Everyday, Without A Single Day Miss. (Lesson Credits: Madhusudhan)
          We May Be Concerned About People While Taking Our Decisions, But We Must Take A Decision That Suits Best For Us, In A Given Circumstances. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj.)

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