Kindness Always Pays:

Kindness Always Pays:
Every time, When travel via Bus, I mostly, get a chance to vacate a seat for a girl or an old lady. Though I never expected but still I never got a response of Thank You from anybody until today, when I vacated a seat for a girl and after few minutes, she nodded at me and said, “Thank You”. Soon after few seconds, she again gestured me and asked if I would prefer to keep my bag on her seat. as I was standing. However, I simply smiled and said, ”That’s Fine, Thank You.”
That One Little Moment made me realize that it is never really necessary to wait for a gratitude or any response from someone, for your work because what matters is, you doing a thing that is required.

Thank You For Reading.

Keep Learning 🙂
Keep Sharing

Rohit Sood


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