Happy Teacher’s Day

Dear Teacher,
No Matter Whether:
– You Have Taught Me Or Not,
– You Are In My Facebook Friend List Or Not,
– We Have Met Or Not,
– You Remember Me Or Not,
– I Have Tagged You Or Not,
I Respect You From The Core Of My Heart Not Because They Say, ”Teachers Are The Building Blocks Of Our Life.” Rather I Believe That You Help Us To Go Upwards On The Ladder Of Success. Even Though, I Have Been Going Upstairs On This Ladder, Yet Your Role In Life Isn’t Changed Or Less Important. Because You Are The Base For Making Me What I Am.

I May Not Be Perfect But I Am Getting Better Every Day By Making New Mistakes And Learning New Lessons And This Is All Because Of The Presence Of You In My Life.
There Are Teachers Whose Names I Might Have Forgotten And There Are Others Whose Faces I Don’t Remember. However, I Still Have The Glimpses Of Each And Every One And The Way They Made Me Feel. Is An Unforgettable Memory.

Moreover, There Was A Time When I Was Tied To A “Buggy” On The First Day Of My School, Because I Didn’t Want To Go To School Due To The Fact That The Idea Of School Used To Scare Me. In Contrast, Today I Am Glad That I Entered Into The World Of School Due To Which I Was Introduced To The Concept Of Teacher That Ultimately Changed My Life.
There Is An Unending List Of Many Stories Or Incidents In Which You As A Teacher Supported Or Guided Me In Many Ups And Downs Of My Life.
Seeing This Letter, Must Have Reminded You Of A Student Whom You Once Met, Or Taught Or Came Across In Your Life.

This Student Deeply Thank You For Entering In His Life Because You Have Taught Me The Lessons I Couldn’t Have Ever Come Across.
As This Is One Common Day For A Teacher, So I Cannot Particularly Mention What You In Particular, Have Taught Me Or What I Learned From You But Still If I Ever Get Chance To Express The Lessons I Learned From You, I Would Be Happy To Express Them In Detail.

I Hereby, Thank You For All The Lessons You Have Given Me Or Simply For Entering Into My Life And Making Me A Better Person.

I Wish You A Very Happy Teacher’s Day.
May God Bless You And You Reach At The Destination Where You Want To.

Thank You For Reading,

Keep Learning 🙂
Keep Teaching 🙂

Your Student,
Rohit Sood
(Image Source: https://wallpaperscraft.com/)


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