09-September-2016 – A Day That Compelled Me To Add A Little Seriousness In My Life.

Things I Learned On September 09, 2016:-
–  That Awkward Moment When You Realize That Someone May Have Misjudged You. The First Thing You Do Is To Correct Your Mistake. ( A Girl didn’t sit in a bus.)
– You Never Get An Opportunity Rather You Must Learn To Grab It. (Accounts Case Study.)
– Sometimes, It Doesn’t Really Matter About What People Think Of You If They Have Already Made An Opinion About You. (Coordinator vs. Volunteer.)
– Before You Comment On Someone’s Personality, Make Sure That You Have Reached At Their Level. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam.)
– The More Knowledge You Have, The More You Can Speak. (Leadership GD.)
– You Must Keep Your Personal And Professional Life As Separate. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Singh Sir)
– There Is Always A Right Time To Discuss Certain Things. (Guneet Sir)
– Experience Brings A Knowledge In Our Life. (Lesson Credits: Sunil)
– Try To Better Always, In One Form Or The Other. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (P.S. Story of An Urge To Learn Painting.)
– If You Show Some Seriousness In Your Speech, People Will Take More Interest To Listen To It. (Speech On Vacancy.)
– You Must Have A Proper Goal In Your Mind About Where/What You Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Chandrakant Sir.)

Today Guneet Sir gave some tips to bring seriousness into my life upto a certain level. On the other hand. Chandrakant ji gave me a motivation to work harder for my goals.


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