15-September-2016 – A Day Spent Learning Randomly.

Things I Learned On September 15, 2016:-
          Most People Argue Just Because Of Money. (Bus Driver Vs Bus Driver)

          You May Not Be 100% Prepared About Something At Times But You Always Have A Choice To Come Out Of Your Auto-Pilot And Excel In Life. (Lesson Credits: Mukul Aggarwal)

          Your Effective Participation In Performance Is What Takes You Towards Success. (Lesson Credits: Mukul Aggarwal.)

          No Matter How Much Difficult Situations Are, You Must Face Them By Yourself Only, Without Becoming Any Burden On Someone Else. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)

          Sometimes, Social Media Proves To Be Beneficial For You In Many Ways. You Just Need To Learn To Use It Efficiently. (Scholarship, Job Opportunity)

          A Little Misunderstanding Can Put Many People At Confusions. (Tanya Mam’s Mentorship Batch)

          Before You Focus On Time Management, You Must Know Your Priorities Right. (Lesson Credits: Guneet Paul Singh Sir)


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