16-September-2016 – One Day, Ample Lessons

Things I Learned On September 16, 2016:-
          Smile Is One Of The Wonderful Possessions You Can Ever Have. (Smile In Bus)

          Giving Answer Is Good. But Asking A Question Is Also Important. (P.S. Girl Asked Me To Stop After I Came Out Of Bus.)

          You May Be Right But That Doesn’t Prove Others Wrong. (P.S.Minakshi Mam, Ahmad, And Me Were Right And Yet Were Having Different Opinions.)

          When You Give Your Best Performance, People Start Noticing You Automatically. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (Punctuation Marks.)

          You Must Learn To Say No. Prioritize Your Work. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)

          Make A List Of Things That Are Pending And Keep Ticking Them Off As Soon As You Complete Them. Take A Follow Up At The End Of The Week. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)

          Avoid Multi-Tasking.

          You May Not Be Available Everywhere, But You Must Be At A Place Where You Really Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)

          Respect Everyone But Be Professional In Your Approach.

          Ahmad Taught Me Time Management.

          Planning Is Important, But It Alone Doesn’t Take You Anywhere. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)

          Sometimes You Have To Say No To Some Opportunities To Say Grab Others. (Mindrocks Vs Website.)

          Gossips Are Something That Won’t Take You Anywhere.

          Talking To A Stranger As If You Already Know Them Since Years, Feels Amazing. (Whatsapp Chat)

          Just Because You Get New Friends, Does Not Mean That You Must Forget You Best Ones. (No Talking)

          Whatsapp May Yell At You To Come Towards It, But Always Remember That It Is Not A Person Rather Just A Thing, Hence It Won’t Mind Waiting. (Wasted Time On Whatsapp.)

          Never Postpone Things To Future Because Future Is Already Carrying Its Own Responsibilities. (Coursera Work)


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