18-September-2016 – A Day Spent Learning

Things I Learned On September 18, 2016:-
          Talent Cannot Be Hampered By Anything If It Is Accompanied By Hard Work. (Lesson Credits: Arjun.) (A Painter Among The Audience.)

          You Must Not Postpone The Tasks For Which You Take The Responsibility. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta)

          Think Too Much, And Loose Many Minutes Of Your Present. Choice Is Yours.

          There Is Always A Right Time To Ask Any Question. (Lesson Credits: Charlie Jacob)

          You Cannot Be Available At Two Places At One Time. Well, That’s Where The Role Of Prioritizing Comes Into Picture. (Presidential Stage Vs. Shri Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium.) (Mr. Arun Jaitley Sir’s Visit)

          At Some Situations, We Feel Demotivated For Being Rejected. However, If You Wait For Some Time, You Get All The Answers As Soon As You Connect The Dots.

          You May Not Get An Expected Response From The People, Yet You Must Take The Best Decision As Per The Given Circumstances. (P.S. Nobody Allowed Me To Go Early For Guest Lecture.)

          You Always Have A Choice. It Is You Who Have To Decide As Per Your Priority.

          Shaking Hands With People, Is Not Always Necessary.

          People Are Not Against You, They Are For Themselves.

          You Must Learn To Understand Other People’s Situation Before You Comment Anything On Them. (Lesson Credits: Mukul Aggarwal.)

          We Must Learn To Value The Importance Of Other’s Work Also. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)

          If You Recognize A Bad Habit, You Must Change It.

          Some Speakers May Also Make A Mistake And Some Of Them Prefer To Correct It Within A Speech.

          When An Urge To Get Something Becomes Bigger Than Anything Else In The World, Nobody Can Stop You From Getting It. (Reversed The Side Of T-Shirt To Make It Look Completely White And Get Chance To Meet The Finance Minister.)


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