19-September-2016 – A Day When I Came Across Teacher’s Expectation.

Things I Learned On September 19, 2016:-
          Be Mentally Present In The Class. Be Spontaneous. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi Sir.)

          Repeat The Knowledge That You Have Learned, Once Or Twice, And It Will Remain In Your Mind Forever. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi Sir.)

          When You Do Something Consistently, People Start Expecting It From You For An Unlimited Period Of Time. (Post About Guest Lectures And Good Morning Messages.)

          You Cannot Teach Something To Anyone By Staying At Your Own Level Of Understanding. (Teaching An Aptitude.)

          It Feels Amazing To Share What You Have. (Lunch)

          That Awesome Moment When You Completely Change The Way You Perceive Things And Can Easily Witness The Result Of The Same. (Dealing With Uncle.) (Chachu)


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