22-September-2016 – A Day Spent With Your Crush

A Day Spent With Your Crush

Things I Learned On September 22, 2016:-
          You May Be Reactive To Situations But You Can Choose To Be Proactive As Well. (7 Habits)
          You Can Surely Create The Circumstances That Will Happen To You. (Bosch Vs. Lectures.)
          1 Second Can Change The Consequences You Could Have Faced Differently In An Hour. (Bosch Day.)
          Its Good To Be Expressive But It Is Important To Know What Others Are Feeling As Well.
          That Awesome Moment When You Are With One Person And Everything Seems Amazing.
          Jealousy May Try To Take Over Your Positive Emotions But Never Let Them Lose The Battle From It.
          Thinking Too Much, May Create So Many Situations That You Don’t Want To See Happen.
          It Is Always Your Choice In Everything That Happen Related To You, However You Just Have To Take The Right Decision As Per The Given Situation. (CV Snapshot Vs CV Format.)
          Sometimes, You Choose Your Consequences And At Others You Have To Take Decisions Based On Them, To Bring Them Into Your Favor Ultimately.

          Just Keep Waiting, If You Want To Waste Your Time. (No Reply For Hours.)

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