24-September-2016 – A Day Full Of Wisdom

A Day Full Of Wisdom

Things I Learned On September 24, 2016:-

          You May Become Sarcastic At Times, But Still You Must Inspire People To Achieve More.

          The Moment You Are Taught About The New Perspective, You Start Thinking Differently.

          Speak Only When Required.

          A Good Speaker Must Must Have A Proper Sense Of Humor.

          Be Industry Ready.                                                 

          Before Asking A Question From Anybody, Do Your Home Work First.

          You Must Improve Yourself And Your Life With The Changing Environment.

Thanks To Varinder Sir For The Above Lessons.

          You Lack Confidence In The Things That You Have Never Tried Before. (Lesson Credits: Rohit Vij Sir.)

          It Is Quite Easy To Misjudge Anybody, However, Awareness Occurs Only When You Actually Ask People About Themselves. (Crush)

          Ignorance Takes You To The Path Of Making Mistakes. (Birthday Wishes With A Wrong Name.)

          The Moment You Begin Thinking Too Much, You Start Losing So Much. (Sitting Together Vs. Upgrad.)

          Once You Commit A Crime, There Is No Way To Repent It But One I.E. Not To Repeat It Again. (Lesson Credits: Parminder Sir.)


Thanks To Guneetpaul Singh Sir For The Following Lessons:

          Before Teaching People, Bring Them To Your Own Level Of Understanding.

          Don’t Waste Your Energy In Being Angry.

          Smile While You Work. (Rush Hour Video Shown In Guneet Sir’s Lecture.)

          The Calmness Is The Choice And You Are Free To Choose It.

          No Matter What You Do, Make Sure That People Don’t Remember You For A Wrong Reason.

          If You Can Trace A Problem, You Can Solve It.

          You Always Have Two Choices; Manage The Situation Or Be Angry. It’s You Who Must Choose.

          Anger May Enter In Your Mind At Times, But You Can Definitely Throw It Out Of Your Mind. (Lesson Credits: Guneetpaul Sir’s Experience At Highway)

          “Higher You Reach, The Better You Should Become.”, Guneetpaul Singh Sir

          Don’t Waste Your Words On A Person Who Is Not In A Position To Listen Or Understand You.

          Anger Is An Emotion. It Doesn’t Consider Right Or Wrong.

          No Matter The Situation, Never Let Your Emotions Overpower Your Intelligence. (A Quote That Ended The Guest Lecture.)


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