26-September-2016 – A Day Spent Working

Image Source: wallpaperswide.com

A Day Spent Working

Things I Learned On September 26, 2016:-

          Do Your Work So Perfectly That People Don’t Stop Demanding Your Contribution In Any Work.

          You May Want Something But Sometimes, It’s Just God Who Has A Different Plan For You. (PPT Or Technical Pc Room Setting, Or Both.)

          If You Want To Fail, Procrastinate. In Contrast, If You Want To Succeed, Overcome Procrastination. (Preparation.)

          If You Are Not Good At Something, Take Help. (Aptitude.)

          Mostly, We Prefer To Tell Those Things To People Which Make Us Appear Different From Other People.

          That Awesome Moment When You Run Your Day, Not The Other Way Around. (Shanti Devi Audi-Lectures-Shanti Devi-Upgrad.)

          Sometimes, You Must Change Your Plans As Per The Given Circumstances. (Preparation On Next Day.)


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