27-September-2016 – A Day Spent Differently.

A Day Spent Differently.

Things I Learned On September 27, 2016:-

          When You Do Things Differently, People Automatically Start Noticing You. (Spc Work.)

          Do Good. Get Good. (Lesson Credits: Abhishek Sood)

          The More You Pretend, The More Fake You Become. (Bus Travel.)

          Things Get Done Automatically, You Just Have To Put Your Efforts In A Right Manner.

          Everyone Feel Good To Have Some Recognition Among Other People. (Intervewers.)

          You Cannot Be Available At Two Places, Yet You Can Take A Decision About Where You Want To Be Or Where You Are Needed Most.

          Being Afraid Should Not Be Your Choice In Any Case. (Interviews)

          There Are Tens Of Tasks That You Must Do Everyday. However, Always Remember, “First Things First.”

          Sometimes, You Must Mould Our Rules And Regulations As Per The Given Circumstances. (P.S. An Interview Taken Even After The Whole Process Was Finished.)

          Opportunities May Knock Your Door At Times, Yet You Must Not Say Yes To All Of Them. (A Call For Dubai)

          Being Rude At The Person Who Presents An Opportunity, Is Not A Right Attribute Of A Good Person. (A Call For Dubai.)


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