05-October-2016 – A Day Spent Chatting

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A Day Spent Chatting

Things I Learned On October 05, 2016:-

          That One Moment When You Sense A Problem Faced By Someone, Yet Cannot Provide A Solution For The Same. (A Girl In A Bus.)
          That Awesome Moment When You Don’t Give Up And Your Hard Work Pays. (VGA Connectivity In Excel’s Class.)
          Your Nature May Not Be Similar To Other Normal People And It’s Perfectly Fine As Long As You Love Yourself With The Way You Are. (Likhit Sir’s Tutorial.)
          That Hilarious Moment When You Are Being Sarcastic To Someone And They Take It Seriously. So You Become Even More Sarcastic. (Teasing Uncle.)
          If You Are A True Believer Of Love, You Can Talk About For Long Hours.
          Sometimes. In The Process Of Not Doing Something, You End Up Doing It. (P.S. That Way..)


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