08-October-2016 – A Day Of Her Birthday

A Day Of Her Birthday

Things I Learned On 08, October, 2016:-

          As Long As Something Is Important For You, Just Do It Without Considering How People Would React To It. (Wishing Happy Birthday)
          Perception May Cause Premature Judgment About Someone, Make Sure That You Don’t Believe Blindly On What You Perceive. (Person Took A Lift)
          Have Hunger To Know More Than What Someone Else Know. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
          Remove ‘I Don’t Know’ Syndrome From Your Life. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
          Be Always Ready To Defend Your Opinion At Anytime Anywhere. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Mam) (P.S. Premature Conclusions)

          Have Respect For Each And Every Customer Irrespective Of Their Type. (Lesson Credits: Sunil.)

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