12-October-2016 – A Day With Ample Lessons

A Day With Ample Lessons

Things I Learned On October 12, 2016:

          Learn To Give Surprises, People Love It.
          Show Your Dedication Towards Something
          You Can Stand Out Of Audience Only When You Take An Initiative To Come Take A Step Forward.
          You Must Be Develop A Personality Inside, It Will Automatically Start Reflecting Outside. (Lesson Credits: Lovepreet Singh)
Things I Learned From Interaction With Mona Puri:-
          Most Speakers Request Their Audience To Be Interact But Only Few Are Able To Encourage Them To Actually Ask Questions.
          That Awesome Moment When You Learn To Say ‘No’ To Things That You Don’t Agree With. (Pen Confusion)
          You Can Reduce The Time Taken To Complete Any Task By Simply Improving Your Efficiency On Each Stage Of The Completion Of That Work. (Lesson Credits: Mona Puri, Hr Asia Pacific, Inventive Health Inc.
          Your Values Determine Your Brand. (Mona Puri)
          Value Is Not What You Show ‘Outside’, It Is What You Feel Inside.
          In Interview, How You Say Things Matter More Than What You Speak.
          Create A Life That Feels Good Inside.
          Interviewer Look For; Empathy, Confidence, Ambition In You. Speak With Volume.
          “Don’t Go For The Fancy Names Of A Company. You Must Know What Company Is All About, What Kind Of Leaders Are Present In It.”, Mona Puri.
          Focus On Personality Development, Career Development, Possessing A Positive Attitude, Honesty And Integrity.
          “Honesty Is Like Being Pregnant, Either You Are Or You Are Not. There Is Nothing In The Middle.”, Mona Puri.
          Focus On Your Internship. Live Your Brand.
          3 Major Components Of Success; Head (Intellectual Buy-In), Hands (Behavior Or Efforts), Heart (Emotional Buy-In)
          Character, Commitment, Competency, Adaptability, Flexibility.
          Each Rejection Is A Story. Question Is Where To Go From No.
          Nobody Analyze Their ‘Yes’ Performance, But Everybody Analyze Their ‘No’ To Find What Went Wrong.
          NO Means ‘Next Opportunity’. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Jindal Sir.)
          An Addition Must Not Be Tackled By Getting Another Addiction. (P Vs. S)
          People May Get Surprised When The Way You Project Yourself And The Way You Actually Are, Doesn’t Match.
          Everyday Is Special, It’s All On You About How You Want To Make It Memorable. (Chocolate.)
          If You Want To Do Good. Do It Even When Nobody Is Watching You. (Ahmad Sina )

           Just Keep An Eye On What You Want, You Will Automatically Find Ways To Get It.

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