15-October-2016 – A Day With New Perspective

A Day With New Perspective

Things I Learned On October 15, 2016:

          That Hilarious Moment When You Don’t Say Anything To A Person But Smile, And They Realize That They Were Not Supposed To Say What They Said.
          When You Don’t Know How To Say ‘No’, You Will End Up Wasting Your Time. (Holiday Wasted)
          If You Cannot Keep A Promise That You Did To Yourself, How Can Anybody Expect You To Fulfill Your Promise With Them?
          People Often Lie, Don’t Change Your Plans Because Of Them. (Cable Taar)
          You Must Always Be Certain About What You Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Harkamal Ubhi)

          Its Not About Being Jealous But Getting An Inspiration To Become What You Want To Be. 

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