20-October-2016 – A Day That Changed My Life

A Day That Changed My Life

Things I Learned On October 20, 2016:-

          If You Want To Crack A Joke, Make Sure That You Do It At A Right Time In Right Manner For The Better Results.
          You Must Be Very Polite While Sharing Your Opinion About Something. (P.S. I Asked Naveen To Go For Lunch But He Did Not Go For It As He Thought I Might Have Been Rude While Saying So.)
          You May React Negatively At Certain Situations, But Few Seconds Later, Analyze The Situation And You Will Find Wisdom From It. (Lesson Credits: Leadership Lecture)
          You Never Require Internet For Everything. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Verma Sir)
          “Instead Of Using A Roadmap, We Are Using A Compass To Go Forward.” Steven Covey.
          A Leader Should Have A Stable Mind And Must Not Be Governed By Somebody Else’s Comments. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Mam)
          You May Have Many Good Intentions But Society Appreciate Those Who Take Action Instead Of Just Thinking About Them. (P.S. I Failed To Get An Opportunity To Explain The Topic Of Perception To My Classmates)
          Whenever You Are Going To Do Something, Think About What Will Happen If You Don’t Do It? If You Get An Answer As ‘Nothing’, Then Do Something More Important.
          Expectations Become Reality Only If You Are The Controller Of The Whole Universe.

          That Awesome Moment When You Do First Thing First.

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