08-November-2016 – A Day With Different Perspective

A Day With Different Perspective

Things I Learned On November 08, 2016:-

          People May Be Sad For Many Reasons, Be The Reason For Their Smile. (A Girl At Terrace Café.)
          You Must Be Free To Speak Whatever You Want To, Irrespective Of What People Would Think. (Soft Skills Group Discussion.)
          “There Are Three Reasons To Respect Someone; A) For Their Age, B) For Their Designation, C) Respect That A Person Earns. Do Not Wait For The Third, Respect People At Least For The First Two”, Naveen Juneja Sir
          “Live To Live, Not To Survive”, Naveen Juneja Sir.
          No Matter How Much Help You Take From Others, Ultimate Efforts Must Be From Your Side. (P.S. Story Narrated By Naveen Sir I.E. “When You Are Hungry, What You Do? You Eat, Right! If You Don’t, Someone Else May Bring Food For You, But If You Still Don’t Eat, Even For Next 7 Days And Lose An Ability To Eat Food By Yourself, Someone Would Put The Food In Your Mouth On Your Behalf. However, The Ultimate Responsibility Of Chewing And Digesting Still Falls On You. Similarly, Placement Cell Team Or Teachers Efforts Will Be There For You, But Ultimate Efforts Must Come From Your Side To Transform Yourself Because If After Completing These Two Years, You Will Still Remain The Same, There Is No Use Of Joining This University.”)
          No Matter How Much Good You Are, Your Behavior Still Matters The Most. (Lesson Credits: Ravinderjit Sir)
          Never Share Your Future Move With Anyone, Just Do It. (Lesson Credits: Prime Minister)
          Sometimes, It’s More Important To Take The Right Decision, Irrespective Of How People Would React To It. (Lesson Credits: Prime Minister)
          Stay Away From Whatsapp If You Want To Increase Your Productivity. (Whatsapp Vs. Accounts Test)

World Will Work And Advertise About It, But Don’t Lose Focus From Your Own Task. (Rs. 500, Rs. 1000 Notes Vs. Accounts Test.)


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