09-November-2016 – A Day When I Got Inspiration

A Day When I Got Inspiration

Things I Learned On November 09, 2016:-

          Use 25% Of The Attendance For Your Own Growth And Development. (Lesson Credits: Mahesh Sir)
          If You Keep Your Intensions In Your Mind Only, Even After A Long Time You Will Still Be At The Same Place Unless You Do What You Want To. (Lesson Credits: Mahesh Sir)
          Make Your Action Plan To Achieve Your Goal. (Lesson Credits: Mahesh Sir)
          You Should Not Just Read And Tell, You Must Analyze And Interpret The Information That You Come Across, Only Then You Will Become Good Leaders. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
          You Must Be Aware About The People Who Respect Or Not Respect You So That You Can Treat Them Accordingly. (Lesson Credits: Manpreet Q1641)
          It Is Not Important To Meet Everybody Every Time Everywhere. (Lesson Credits: Manpreet Q1641)
          It Is Better To Stay Calm And Polite, Things Get Sorted Out Easily. (P.S. Group Mates Came 40 Minutes Late For Economics Discussion And I Was Not Angry.)
Sometimes, It Is Better To Take Risk, It Not Only Saves Your Time But Also The Efforts That You May Have To Put For Not Taking Risk. (Missed Punjab By One Second And Had To Take Parmar Instead.)

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